Ordination Service - Sunday, September 18, 2005
Saint Thomas More Old Catholic Mission, Lakeland, FL
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The Homily was delivered by The Rev. Fr. Will Smith. (Click here to read.)
The Rev. Dcn. Wade Fahnestock+ Q&A  (Click here to read.)

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The Rev. Dcn. Wade Fahnestock+
The Mass is ended, go in peace...
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Friar Wade+
Fr. Rick+ & Dcn. Wade+
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Eucharistic Ministry
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Wade+ serves his Mother
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Anointing with Oil
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Laying on of Hands
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The Consecration
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... look for Christ in all others ...
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... commitment to this trust and responsibility ...
The Examination
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A Special Moment
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Bishop +Paul & Canon Pam+
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Bishop +Paul and Brandon
DSCF0420 copy Litany for Ordinations
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Fr. Will Smith+ & Fr. Juan Correa+
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Br. Wade ministers in music and song